Known primarily for her animal portraits, Jerilyn Weber enjoys working on both commissioned and non-commissioned pieces.  Jerilyn concentrates in pastels, finding the medium to be an excellent means of rendering the various textures and colors found in animal coats.


Ms. Weber captures both the outer appearance of an animal and its inner soul, a process that involves understanding not only the animal but also the special relationship between owner and animal.  With ease and subtlety, she expresses the special characteristics of each of her subjects, whether it be curiosity, gentleness,  power, a sense of humor, intelligence or the interplay of the many other characteristics animals possess.


“I think it is from my own love of animals that I understand the central importance an animal has for its owner.  A portrait germinates from the love we have for our pets and celebrates and honors them.  In a humble sense, a portrait keeps our animals with us for a lifetime.”


In addition to pastels, Jerilyn works in paper collage and multi media, most recently a series of frescos on canvas.  Using soft and rough textures, these pieces capture the energy, power, and vitality of her subjects.


Ms. Weber exhibits regularly and has received numerous awards for her work.  She has been a multiple first place winner at the NY Dog Fanciers Contemporary American Dog Art Competitions and has been featured in several national publications including “Canine Images”, “Equine Vision Magazine” and “Polo Players' Edition” .  Her work has been on the covers of  “The Chronicle of the Horse” and “Horse News”.  She is a founding member of the New Jersey Equine Artists Association.