Commissioning a Portrait

A portrait celebrates and honors the special animals in our lives, capturing memories that last a lifetime.  A portrait should not only capture the  animalís outward appearance but also its unique personality; the artwork should reveal both the animalís physical and inner presence.  The portrait should also succeed as a painting, a piece of art that one is proud to hang in oneís home.


To commission a portrait, contact me by telephone (908-788-2860) or by e-mail . I will answer any questions you may have and discuss the portrait with you.  We will also  make arrangements for me to meet and photograph your animal.  If this is not possible, we will discuss what reference materials  you have available.  We will also spend some time talking about your animal.  This is a very important part of the process since it helps me capture the essence of your animalís personality in the portrait.


After the portrait is nearly complete, I will send you a photograph of the painting so that we may discuss any refinements that need to be made. You may also visit my studio in Flemington, New Jersey, to see the portrait in progress.


If the portrait is to be a gift, it may be completed as a surprise, or you may involve the recipient in the portrait painting process, an activity most people enjoy.


The portrait will be delivered to you unframed unless you request that I handle the framing for you, in which case I would be happy to do so.


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